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Welcome to Breadtime Stories! We love baking Sourdough Bread.

Sourdough, the simplest and real form of bread is made with just 3 ingredients; Flour, Water and ​Salt.

The journey began with an obsession to get the perfect loaf of sourdough bread.

Started in a home kitchen in 2020; after never-ending trials, sleepless nights, failures, moments of ​joy, sadness and a hundred loaves later, Breadtime Stories was born :)

Today, Breadtime Stories is a team of enthusiastic and passionate bakers with one simple motive, ​to a bake a perfect loaf of bread every time and share our passion for baking with you. Hope you ​like it :)


Sourdough is fermented bread made ​with a wild yeast culture (the starter) ​that is created from scratch using the ​simplest natural ingredients. 

This popular variety is the favorite ​among many due to its tangy flavor ​and crisp crust. The flavor really kick-in ​right from the first bite, thanks to the ​slow fermenting process.

Wheat Sourdough Starter
Wheat Sourdough Starter

Sourdough Starter

A sourdough starter is an active colony of wild yeast and good ​bacteria cultivated by combining flour and water and allowing it ​to ferment. A healthy and active starter is a reliable “natural ​yeast” culture that can be used to make breads and pastries of ​all kinds.

Bacteria & Yeast co-exist in harmony within your starter, ​creating an environment rich with lactic and acetic acid. These ​acids provide both flavor and nutritional benefit.

Breads that are made exclusively with sourdough are referred to ​as “naturally leavened”. Naturally leavened breads have a longer ​fermentation time than commercially yeasted breads, which ​allows the lactic acid in the sourdough to “unlock” the nutrients ​within the flour. This creates a more flavorful, digestible bread ​with more readily available nutrients.


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“I am from Germany, ​and your breads ​remind me of Home”


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We tried your Garlic ​Bread. Have to say, ​Really Really Superb, ​loved it!


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Hi Rudhram, One ​compliment. I have ​ordered sourdough ​from other big ​brands...all are failed. ​Your breads are best


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Both brioche and ​sourdough were tasty ​and everyone at home ​loved it. Thank you. I ​would definitely try ​out other things.


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I’ve just had the Callah ​bread. It’s great. Takes ​me back to my days in ​nyc! Thanks.